Introducing Sagada




Location: Mountain Province



Land Area (in Hectares): 8,332
Total Population as of May 1, 2010: 11,244


-Towering peaks

-Sharp ridges

Climate: Wet during June to October, and Dry from November to May


Travel by land. (Option 1: There are hourly bus trips plying to the city of Pines, Baguio City from Pasay, Cubao or Caloocan terminal, fare pegged at PHP445 and travel time would take approximately 5-6 hours. The bus terminal in Baguio that plies the Sagada route is at Dangwa terminal which is about 10 minutes cab from Victory Liner Terminal just inform your cab driver that you will be going to Sagada. Travel time from Baguio to Sagada could take 6 to 7 hours and fare should be PHP220. Your drop off point would be at Sagada Municipal Hall.)

(Option 2: There is only one bus that offers that Manila-Banaue Route – the Ohayami bus line and their terminal is located at Sampaloc Manila. Time of departure is at 9PM. Fare is PHP450 and travel time could take 8-9 hours because bus makes regular stop every 2 hours.
At the Banaue bus terminal, there are jeepneys or mini-bus that plies directly to Sagada. This trip would cost PHP300 per person and travel time from Banaue to Sagada is another 3-4 hours. Alternatively, you can take jeepneys bound for Bontoc from Banaue. Fare is PHP150 and travel time is 2-3 hours. Jeepneys plying this route is stationed at Banaue Public Market. Then from Bontoc you can take another jeepney ride for 1-2 hours bound for Sagada.)

Source: nomadichabits

Travel by air.  Bagabag Airport, the nearest local airport in Sagada is 117km away.

Currency: Philippine Peso

Timezone: UTC +08:00

Language: Kankana-ey

Religion: Anglicanism

Inhabitants: Igorots


Theory suggests that Sagada was once underwater, or the cave was once inhabited by sea creatures, due to the fossils found in the rocks of Sumaguing Cave.

Sagada has a website wherein tourists can see where they can eat and stay for their trip. It shows different restaurants, cafes, inns, hotels, and their delicacies. Click here to visit their site.

Things to do in Sagada:

sagada map
Map of Sagada

Source: worldnomads

  • Spelunking in the Sumaguing Cave and Lumiang Cave

These are the most popular caving activities in Sagada. These limestone caves have different rock formations and served as an ancient burial ground. Hundreds of coffins can be seen in the Lumiang Cave dated hundreds of years ago.


Source: Driftwoodjourneys


Source: tripadvisor

  • See the view from Kiltepan Viewpoint

          If you want to see the amazing view of the sunrise while staying in Sagada, then Kiltepan Viewpoint is where you should be. This place is famous for viewing the sunrise behind the Cordillera mountains.


Via tripadvisor

  • Trek to Bomod-ok Falls

          The trail leading to the falls is quite lengthy but worthwhile. Once you get to the falls, have fun and splash around.


Source: Langyaw

  • Visit the Sugong Hanging Coffins

This is one of the most iconic attractions in Sagada. This tradition was being practiced by the Igorot tribe dated two million years ago. But some of the Igorot tribe still practice this until now.


Source: pinoyadventurista

  • Have a glimpse of the past at Ganduyan Museum

          The Ganduyan Museum houses some of the equipment of the Igorot tribe such as clothing, pots, baskets and more.


Source: flickr

  • Fill your tummy

          Sagada may not be the first place that comes out of our mind when talking about food, but here are some of the great food in Sagada.


Source: EMPAKE

Sagada offers different types of accommodation that provide temporary shelter for the tourists. These accommodations often receive positive feedbacks from tourists. Here are some of the different types of accommodation that you will encounter when you get to Sagada:

  • Inns


Source: girlandboything

  • Lodges


Source: accommodations

  • Hostels


Source: tripadvisor



Disclaimer: All pictures are not mine. You can click below every picture to see the site where I got them.




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