Why Visit Sagada?

  • The Journey

Although the trip will almost take half a day, the journey leading to Sagada is breathtaking. You get to see a majestic view of the mountain side, the rice terraces, or even roadside waterfalls. roadd

Source: ivanlakwatsero

  • The Locals

The locals are very approachable. They help tourists when needed and they don’t harass or force you to buy their product.


Source: brahmineyes

  • The Food

Although they may not be that known in the culinary field, their food is one to go for.


Source: pepper

  • The Accommodation

Since there are a lot of tourists going to Sagada, having a place to stay is highly recommended. There are many budget-friendly hostels in the area that is not too far from the tourism office. Some accommodation offer internet connection for free.


Source: booking

  • The Attractions

If you are seeking adventure then this is the place where you want to be. The activities that can be done here will push you physically to your limits. These include hiking, trekking, spelunking and more. After achieving those activities you will feel accomplished.


Source: insighttoasia



Disclaimer: All pictures are not mine. You can click below every picture to see the site where I got them.



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